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Plan Your Healthy Financial Future.

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Our mission is to create healthy financial futures for our clients. 

By applying our professional knowledge and over 35 years of experience, we take a holistic overview of your financial circumstances to help you define your goals, recognize risk and identify profitable opportunities.


By combining our 6 step process, including an in-depth analysis, we formulate a holistic strategy customized to clients' specific situations.


Our clients receive committed service and independent, personalized advice. This differentiates us from banks and corporate group providers.

Our Products

Products help us create and implement effective strategies. We help clients understand what we are using and why before we apply anything.

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Planning Healthy Financial Futures.

We help families and business owners who are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable advisory team to provide an objective perspective when navigating through the complexities of business life and family dynamics.

Personal and direct contact with an experienced independent advisor, with specific knowledge of your financial circumstances and goals, is critical in attaining the best financial outcome to meet your unique situation.

Our clients receive committed service and independent personalized advice tailored to their specific needs.

We treat our clients like family and only recommend solutions that are right for you and your unique circumstances. 

We do this by:

  • taking an investigative approach
  • identifying issues that may not have crossed your mind
  • helping you understand the benefit of implementing our solutions before applying them

Our large network of industry specialists, professional advisors and private wealth management teams allow us to provide answers to all of your questions.

Our Dedicated Team

Whether you are an individual, family or a business owner, our dedicated team collaborates with you to find solutions that fit your unique situation. We offer expert advice for a wide range of financial planning needs that include investments, life insurance, income protection and estate organization. The depth of our expertise and advice is enhanced by the access we have to our network of industry specialists and private wealth management teams. 

Gerard Arsenault B.A., CLU, ChFC, CFP

Senior Financial Advisor

Insurance Representative, Sterling Advantedge Wealth Solutions

Gerard started in the financial services industry in 1978, initially focused on insurance products. As he developed a better understanding of his clients' needs, he realized that he needed to expand his product and service offering and, as a result, moved into the investment business in the early 1990s. Gerard's main focus has always been his clients' best interests which is why, in 2000, he entered into a partnership including a broader offering, which included securities and bonds. 

Gerard continues to be a student of the business and, along the way, became accredited with the following designations: Chartered Life Underwriter, Chartered Financial Consultant and Certified Financial Planner. This thirst for education has been driven by his desire to do the best possible job he can for his clients.

Gerard and his wife Anne-Marie enjoy travel, golf and involvement in community theater.

Kyla Riach

Investment Advisor Assistant

Insurance Assistant, Sterling Advantedge Wealth Solutions

Kyla has many years of experience in the financial services industry. Though her experience has mainly been in banking, she did spend some of her early career in the insurance industry. Kyla looks to the further development of her knowledge and experience working with Gerard and his clients. She has always understood the need to be a perpetual student and has moved through her life and career doing just that. She is currently a Licensed Assistant and will be re-writing her Life license this fall. Kyla is client centered and knows that building strong relationships with clients is how she serves them best. Honesty and Integrity are key.

Kyla and her husband, Chris, own a beef farm. They have 4 grown children and 5 incredible grandchildren. She is also very involved in the community, serving many committees and organizations.

Cheryl Wilson


Cheryl is an Administrative Assistant who has worked supporting both clients and business owner’s objectives in a variety of customer service roles.  While not currently licensed, she has taken Life Insurance and Mutual Funds courses in the past and hopes to use the knowledge she gained in this crossover position.  

Katerina Antipas

Assistant Investment Representative

Katerina has been working in business development and finance for a number of years now. She brings to the team her extensive educational background in commerce having studied Business Administration at both Georgian College and Laurentian University. She supports the team by coordinating client files and providing administration support for the advisors. Katerina brings her theoretical knowledge from her studies and practical support practices to ensure that clients receive superior customer service and have the direction they require to reach their financial goals.  

The Wealth Management Formula

The formula begins with our customized 6 step process called, The Wealth Management Cycle, to help our clients develop their future and reach their goals. 


Determine Your 


We will have you complete a questionnaire to understand your background, risk tolerance, goals and vision. We provide clarity, focus, put your thoughts into words and prioritize your objectives.


 Evaluate Your 

Financial Position

We will gather all important information like investment statements, insurance policies and group benefits and bring everything together to create a unified plan.


Analyze Your 


We identify gaps in your financial situation, review objectives vs. reality and provide a picture of any shortfalls or confirm you are on track.


Present the Report & Recommendations

We will speak to you about what you want and need, identify any outstanding issues and provide you with a better understanding of your current situation and any corrections that may be required.


Implement Your 


We get things done and provide you with an understanding of current and next steps. 


Conduct Periodic Reviews & Update Plan

As the world and your life changes, we confirm that you are on track for your plan and provide you with confidence about your financial plan throughout your lifetime.

Our unique Wealth Management Formula comes together when combining the process with the best possible strategies and products to suit our clients' needs.


The Formula

Identifying concerns



Solving problems



Implementing strategies

Our Investment Philosophy

It is important for our clients to understand the basic investment philosophy that we believe in, as this philosophy is what guides us in selecting investments for your portfolio. It also helps to understand the basics of this philosophy to maintain our course during the inevitable ups and downs in your investments.

  • The biggest threat to financial security is not losing one’s money, but outliving it. Life has changed and the financial risks associated with retirement (both in good or poor health) have changed as well.

  • The best way to protect your lifestyle is to own investments that will increase in value, thereby increasing your future purchasing power.

  • The biggest danger in owning equities (individual stocks or stock based managed money), is not owning them. There have always been reasons at any particular time not to own equities, however over the long-term, equities have always proven to be the winning solution.

  • Creating and maintaining wealth depends upon an individual recipe. This recipe is based on your investment time frame, risk tolerance, and financial goals. This is how we base our recommendation for the correct asset mix annually to ensure that it is still the correct “recipe” for you.

  • We need a wealth creation role model. We all have role models for various aspects of our lives (parenting abilities, spiritual leadership, community involvement, etc.), but who of us has a wealth creation role model? If we were to source out individuals who are truly successful in the creation and maintenance of wealth, would it not be useful to emulate their behavior? These are the type of qualities that we should look for in the individuals who both manage our pooled investments and those who run the underlying companies in which we are investing.

  •  Market depressions are really just purchase opportunities. These are the times when misguided investors and advisors sell when they should really buy.
  • The truth about investing in the equity markets is that the downs have shown over time to be temporary, while the ups usually prove to be permanent over the long-term. Losses come from investors who panic and turn a temporary decline into a permanent loss. Since the long-term investor who has bought a portfolio of great businesses understands that markets fluctuate but have historically shown to not create losses, over the long-term the variability seems insignificant. Having discipline and faith in the system makes me and my clients avoid panic and act like any owner of great businesses - hold as long as the business is still great, regardless of what the price of the share might be.

  • Managed portfolios (mutual funds, segregated funds, wrap accounts) comprised of great businesses provide diversification and ongoing professional monitoring. The key is to find the managers whose philosophy is most reasonable and with whom an investor can be comfortable through bad and good times. This means being critical with the management style of the horde of 2800 mutual and segregated funds in Canada. My job is to identify those managers.

  • Using the dollar cost averaging method will make every investor look like a genius over the long-term. While the long-term view of owning great businesses is inevitably positive, the short-term outlook is always uncertain. Therefore, the risks of market fluctuations testing the patience and fortitude of the investor can be offset by consistently averaging in a fixed amount, regardless of where the “market” is.

  • Variability is the best friend of the long-term investor. We should welcome volatility, not fear it. Owning more great businesses when they go on sale, can only improve your long-term wealth creation. Wait anxiously for “corrections” and be prepared for new purchase opportunities.

We cannot time the market.

Most other advisors would agree with this statement. However, we do know a way of assuring our clients will take advantage of the next great increase in stock values – stay invested at all times! 

The risk of missing future growth is eliminated if we do not sell investments when we do not require the money.

If you are open to the advice that stems from this investment philosophy, we will be able to work together for the long-term. We will provide you with the service necessary to monitor your portfolio in an excellent manner, as well as provide you with conceptual tax and estate planning advice along with financial planning expertise in other financial planning matters.

Insurance made easy

Getting the protection you need is faster and simpler than ever before.
When thinking about getting a financial plan in order, many people tend to focus on investments, bank account balances, or paying down debt. Insurance protection can sometimes get put on the back burner, often because of misconceptions: it’s not fun to think about, it seems difficult to get or it’s assumed to be unaffordable. Well, insurance is changing – and today’s solutions not only make getting the coverage you need faster and easier than ever before, they can also play a big part in helping you reach your financial goals.

Tailored for your needs
Insurance is an important part of a financial plan – even those who are young, don’t have children or are not the main breadwinner of a family should have some form of protection. That said, choosing the right type of insurance for your life stage and financial needs is key. For example, young professionals may want to consider critical illness or disability insurance to help manage expenses if an illness or disability prevents them from working, whereas middle-aged consumers might benefit most from a permanent life insurance policy. Your advisor can help you find the right protection for your life and wealth stage.

Applications are easier
It used to be that applying for insurance was a complicated process involving face-to-face meetings, lengthy applications and the need to provide blood and urine samples. Now applications are simpler. Many can be completed online without having to meet in person and can also be signed electronically. In most cases, medical exams and fluid samples are a thing of the past. Today, approvals are quick, and coverage can be in place as little as 48 hours after you apply.

It’s more affordable than you think
The truth is the right coverage can be designed to fit comfortably into your life and financial plan. Term life insurance, for example, is a cost-effective solution that can provide protection for a specific length of time. In addition, some new programs allow consumers to earn premium reductions and other rewards, based on making healthy lifestyle choices.

It’s empowering
Making a decision that can safeguard your family’s lifestyle is a great feeling. Not only that, there are a range of innovative solutions that help keep you motivated to make healthy lifestyle choices. Programs that incorporate goal setting, activity tracking and rewards for everyday accomplishments can encourage positive habits that can lead to lasting health benefits. When you consider the advancements and choices available, it’s clear that getting the necessary protection may actually be one of the easiest parts of implementing a financial plan. Speak with your advisor to determine what type of insurance and how much coverage is best suited for your needs.


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